The Ladies of the Bone Lord
Hearths around the houses lit; A call to those who have no names, And warm welcomes to those who fit, Around the Hearthfire’s brightest flames. We’ll pass the Bread and food around, And fill our mouths with ravenous speed- Splayed upon the couch and ground, Our stomachs filled with Mead.

Poem authored by BonesofaPhoenix
(C) May, 2013

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Cottage Crafts: Elemental Magic Storm Ward
[Original craft and instructions authored by bonesofaphoenix]

This is a home protection charm that draws its power from the energy of passing storm systems over your house and gives protection based on the energy of the storm and the damage it is capable of doing.

It’s meant to be a Dormant Ward, which is something that only activates when necessary. As wards can also drain a lot of energy, tying the ward’s powers to the storms that pass around you allows you to keep your energy for other things without having a bit of it constantly tied to a dormant ward, and allows the ward to easily and quickly adjust to circumstances making it a more powerful ward overall.

The point of the ward is to protect your house from minor storm-based damage that may occur- such as hail damage, water damage, damage from debri (like trash cans slamming into the side of your house- don’t laugh it’s actually happened to me and almost broke a window), potential flood or water damage, etc- OR decrease the damage done if damage is inevitable.

Please keep in mind, however, that this does not protect FROM these events in the first place and only helps prevent or protect from the minor damage. If you’re going to get hit by a tornado, the ward won’t stop it. If it floods, your house won’t miraculously be the only one on the block with the perfect yard untouched by the water. That’s unrealistic, and don’t expect this ward to do that.


  • Storm Water / Rain water from a storm
  • 4 equal sized sticks or twigs [preferably from a tree or branch blown down by a storm, but not necessary]
  • 3 River rocks or stones
  • Spool of Jute Twine
  • Craft Glue
  • Some Clover or Dill (Optional)


  1. Gather all of your materials together and begin by lashing each of the four twigs together in a square shape at the corner using a standard lashing technique.
  2. From the corners, one one piece of twine diagonally across the square and secure it on both ends (this can be done using a regular knot). Trim the edges and repeat with a new piece of twine going diagonally across the other side of the square.
  3. Cut a long length of twine twice as long as the length of your square (round-about). Tie a rock to one end using whatever method you can get to work with the shape of the rock. With the end that does not have the rock attached, tie to the center of one of the horizontal sticks with enough twine left over to run it up through the center of the square (Wrapping it a few times around the crossing portion of the two diagonal pieces of twine) with enough left over to make a loop to hang the ward with.
  4. To make the loop, tie the other end of the twine to the top stick, crate a loop, then use a variation of the standard lashing technique to secure it. (I really have no way to explain this better),
  5. Run a shorter piece of twine from right to left across the center of the square again with the same method, without the rock and loop steps added. When all of these are finished, you should have a combined X and cross shape going through your square.
  6. Tie the other two rocks to their or pieces of twine, then secure them with a basic lash + knot to the two corners of the ward on the same stick you hung the first rock from.
  7. Secure all knots with a NON water-soluble craft glue to make sure they don’t come undone.
  8. Adorn the center with a bit of clover for good luck, and allow the craft glue to dry for at least 8 hours.
  9. Once the craft glue is dry, get your storm water and anoint the Ward with the Storm water while saying “Bound in Bindings, Bindings Bound, I tie this ward to any storm to come around, And if no storm then let it do naught, But if a storm, do as it aught; When in need its protections fly free, and if no harm then dormant it shall be. May its power wax and wane, Just as the storms who do the same.”
  10. Hang it somewhere safe outside on your house (such as a hook on the underside of the porch ceiling if one is available), and you’re done.

Notes: The point of using the storm water, specifically, to enchant the item is to better tie it to the energies associated with storms. These wards are truthfully better done during a storm, or made prior to one and enchanted during one. However, if you’re like me and like to collect storm water then storm water is a pretty good alternative to this.

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